Friday, September 15, 2017

Bass Littles get their second sets of tubes

Everything is better together!  These two shared a hospital bed, and Jello and got their ears all fixed up.  Poor Nora's was horrible and she didn't even complain about it.  I think she'd been living with the pain for so long.  The Doctor said there was dried blood deep in her ear, maybe it ruptured or ripped a while ago and we had no idea.  Isaac got his adenoids out too, which we are hoping all will contribute to keeping them healthy!  Nora woke up with a smile and they both charmed the nurses and didn't miss a beat.  The picture below is when they both had their first sets of tubes as babies.  I really didn't notice how much they looked alike until this pic!  Both bald heads, pacis, eye shape and their feet are positioned the same.  Love them to pieces.  DF got to miss the ear party, tube thing.  Lucky boy!

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