Monday, August 7, 2017

Backyard Baptisim

Yesterday, we had a double baptism in the lake!  Df has been asking for a long time and we've honestly tried to put him off, telling him what a big decision it is, and that there is time and we wanted it to be totally his choice.  He insisted he was ready so we listened to our son and honored his wishes.  The original plan was to go to the Caddo River, where Mam and Pap and Uncle Bob were baptized and DF really loves it there.  Weather messed that plan up, since it was thunder storming but DF said he didn't want to reschedule and to do it in the lake.  Uncle Bob still got to come and it was still meaningful. So did Mammers, Meme and Grandpa and the Vaughts.  It was a very special and proud day for us, as his parents.  Even extra special was that Franklin got to baptize DF.  Lamar baptized Tyler Choate.  Happy to get to celebrate these wonderful times and milestones.  This is the good stuff.

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