Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017

I checked the big kids out of school today to go to the science museum to view the solar eclipse.  We had a great time with the Halls, eating moon pies, and star crunches, and listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart!  Isaac was napping during the eclipse, but he enjoyed the moon pie!

Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School!

All smiles today, even from Momma!  We are all excited and ready to get back to school, and routine.  Even Isaac gave a big hug and no tears at his Mother's Day Out school.

Whoop Whoop!  (DF dressed Ikey for school today and got a hold of his hair... by hold I mean he sprayed his hair spray in it and told him the girls would love it! )   Hahaha

Open House at Lakeside

Nora got Ms. Spaulding and is thrilled! DF got Mrs. Lybrand and Mrs. Scott, he has two teachers this year.  We have heard wonderful things about all of the teachers and are excited about a great year of school! Mammers straightened Nora's hair for the first time and she was feeling pretty cute- and sassy!!   I didn't get a picture with Isaac' teacher Mrs. Liz, but I will work on that!  She is super sweet and we are happy he's with her.

Monday, August 7, 2017

New Pet Guinea Pig

Meet Oreo! After months of asking for a pet: a hedgehog, snake, turtle, cat, dog, lizard, etc..... The kids finally wore me down and I agreed to a guinea pig.  They all filled up their marble jar (which they earn by good manners, kind words, sharing, etc) and decided together this was what they wanted as their reward.  Oreo is a black and white female, and the kids are smitten.  She is still pretty timid and scared, but warming up more and more.  This is their responsibility and their very own pet, so they are in charge of it's care.  We shall see how this goes, but I expect they will do a great job!

Backyard Baptisim

Yesterday, we had a double baptism in the lake!  Df has been asking for a long time and we've honestly tried to put him off, telling him what a big decision it is, and that there is time and we wanted it to be totally his choice.  He insisted he was ready so we listened to our son and honored his wishes.  The original plan was to go to the Caddo River, where Mam and Pap and Uncle Bob were baptized and DF really loves it there.  Weather messed that plan up, since it was thunder storming but DF said he didn't want to reschedule and to do it in the lake.  Uncle Bob still got to come and it was still meaningful. So did Mammers, Meme and Grandpa and the Vaughts.  It was a very special and proud day for us, as his parents.  Even extra special was that Franklin got to baptize DF.  Lamar baptized Tyler Choate.  Happy to get to celebrate these wonderful times and milestones.  This is the good stuff.