Thursday, July 6, 2017

Independence Day!

Our 4th of July started with something new.... we joined the boat parade.  We decorated the barge (I'm sorry I don't have a picture of it) and met up with the dozens for other boats and went by honking and waving to houses and condominiums on the lake.  We only last about 45 minutes before we were finished but I think it lasts a few hours and they go all over the lake.  It was super cute and we will do it again next year.  The Richardsons hoped on with us and that made it extra fun, until my kids ate all of Mrs. Kristen's snacks! :)   Then we went to Meme and Grandpa's for a great lunch with watermelon, ribs, potatoes, pork tenderloin and ice cream!  Nora and grandpa had a handstand contest and her favorite thing to do is climb and jump off of Grandpa's shoulders.   We came home and went to bed early that night.  We are some tuckered out folks.  June has been so busy, we are looking forward to a slower pace in July.

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