Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Glenwood/ Caddo Float trip

We went to Glenwood last weekend and the Halls joined us.  We spent the night at the cabin and then floated the Caddo on Saturday.  It was hot and so we took lots of swim stops.  What was a 4 hour float took us 7!  Ikey stayed back with Mammers and while we missed him, it was for the best.  It would have been a pretty hard day for a three year old!  His time will come soon.  The kids loved it, and we even had a first time off of a tree swing.  Lots of family fun!

Basketball camp and Book Worm Camp

Nora and I had a special few minutes to ourselves and she wanted to get some ice cream.  She went to a Book Worm camp every afternoon last week and enjoyed it so much.  They had guests, like Bee Keepers, an Ambulance, etc.  They would read a book, do crafts and have special things that went with the book for that day.
DF went to Basketball camp in the afternoons at First Baptist.  He got the hard work award and we were proud of his attitude and growth!

Wedding and golf

I went last Saturday to Ben Barnett's wedding in Fayetteville, it was fun to see Anna and Megan and was great to see Ben so happy.  I came home the next day and we had family golf day.  DF is really into golf and is wanting to play as much as possible!

Lake and more lake!

We are hitting the water sports this summer in a new way.  Df can ski, and kneeboard, Nora is working on skiing, but they both are interested in wake boarding and Nora did get up on that!  I learned to wake surf, and JR took the kids on the board with him which was lots of fun!!!

We also went out one morning very early, before Franklin went to work and got Aubrey Kate and James up on skis for the first time.
We snuck in a date night on the boat with the Herndons and Greens and went by boat to Back Porch Grill.
We have sure enjoyed living on the lake this summer!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Independence Day!

Our 4th of July started with something new.... we joined the boat parade.  We decorated the barge (I'm sorry I don't have a picture of it) and met up with the dozens for other boats and went by honking and waving to houses and condominiums on the lake.  We only last about 45 minutes before we were finished but I think it lasts a few hours and they go all over the lake.  It was super cute and we will do it again next year.  The Richardsons hoped on with us and that made it extra fun, until my kids ate all of Mrs. Kristen's snacks! :)   Then we went to Meme and Grandpa's for a great lunch with watermelon, ribs, potatoes, pork tenderloin and ice cream!  Nora and grandpa had a handstand contest and her favorite thing to do is climb and jump off of Grandpa's shoulders.   We came home and went to bed early that night.  We are some tuckered out folks.  June has been so busy, we are looking forward to a slower pace in July.

Johnsons hit the lake!

The Johnsons came for a visit and we went laking it, big time.  It was Jack's 10th birthday so we celebrated with cake, and a 5 lb. gummy bear, and he got up on skis for the first time.  They tubed their hearts out, kayaked, we went to the cold water dam and ALL jumped in, Franklin grilled out for us, and we had a big time.  It was fun having them to H.S. to see us!

Family Farm week

Last week Nora and DF went to Family Farm for a week of day camp and it is a great place.  They both came home filthy, with awards for archery, horsemanship, sandcastle building, scripture memorizing, catfish catching and more.  DF made new friends and Nora caught "big mama" the second largest catfish in the pond and got camper of the day one day.  DF has learned so many Psalms, and got some archery awards.  Great, great week for them both!  Ikey had some playdates himself, and his buddy Reeve joined us at the CC pool for some swimming and push pops, which they may have enjoyed the most! :)