Monday, June 26, 2017

HSCC 4-ball

Weeklong visit with the Morphew cuzzies!

We had a wonderful visit with the Morphews and the kids got great cousin time!  They swam at the CC pool, a friend's pool, the lake, went on boat rides, tube rides, kayak rides, Tilly spent the night with us for her first sleepover, they went to the library, an art class and more!  It was hard to say goodbye and seems to get harder for them every time.  California is too far away, but we are thankful for our time together.  We also had a Ph-3 party for Jason, the new PhD graduate and Teddy who turned 3 last week.  It was a combo party, with lots of family friends and great food!  

Kanakuk K-Kountry

DF went to overnight camp for the first time last week.  It was harder on me than I expected not being able to talk or check in, but good for me as well.  He LOVED it, more than I thought even.  He was not ready to leave!  Last night he said he was "camp sick".  Never got homesick once, and grew in maturity, spirit, and character.  What a great experience he had, and little sister is adamant that she will join him next year... we shall see! I'd love for her to go, but she seems awfully young.  We are proud of this boy, and his awards for 100% and the overall camp award of Unsung Hero.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

We have a new water skier!  DF learned to get up on skis and went in circles, he loved it and asks to go all the time now! We are proud of him, and are going to work with Nora next! :)

We are proud and thankful for Franklin, he's nailing the whole dad thing.  Lyndon painted a picture of Maple for him that was a surprise and really great!  We also got to spend time with a pretty special Grandpa, whom these kids adore!  We are thankful for him, and Pops, and all of the men in our lives that mean so much to us!

Ikey learns to swim!

It was Isaac's turn for swim lessons with Mrs. Amanda Morgan and he had some ups and downs, but overall did wonderfully and can swim to the side of the pool on his own now.  He still needs some practice but he can do it!  We are proud of this little guy, and it sure makes me feel a little better now that we live on water!

Little Equestrian

Nora went to horse camp this week at Riding in Style and she learned SO much!  She can saddle her own horse, with a western and english saddle.  Walk a horse on a lead rope, learned how to care for a horse and brush it.  She learned the parts of the body and how to ride/ give commands.  She is now asking for a horse- ha!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Camp Extravaganza!

Nora and DF have started the summer day camp scene with a bang-

Nora went to Art camp for 1/2 day, Soccer camp, and DF went to Football camp, and soccer camp and then we had a "dock day" at our house which means we invited a bunch of friends to swim off the dock and had a water balloon fight, popsicles and more.  Nora also had a tee ball game, and we met friends at the club for swimming one evening!