Wednesday, May 31, 2017


We went to Perdido Key, Florida last week and skipped the last week of school.  We beat the crowds and got a jump start on our summer!  We went with the Choates, Herndons and Mammers joined us too.  We relaxed and have not been gone that long in years.  We are more 3-4 day people so a full week away was so nice!   DF was in the water for hours and loved it, the waves and going out as far as he could without being called back in.  Isaac loved the sand and playing with that and Nora, liked it all but mostly wanted the pool :)
Nora, DF and I went parasailing together and it was "better than they thought it would be"  neither one was afraid and they seem to love adventure like their momma!  Isaac and Franklin waited on land for us, but got to ride the banana boat out to pick us up!

Nora had an especially great time because she turned 6 years old at the beach.  She got a mermaid skirt, had a beach cake from Publix and we went to the Crabtrap for dinner that has a beach playground.  She loved every minute and all the attention that she got!  I still can't believe she is six years old, but I think it will be a great year for her and she is sure looking taller and taller.  Speaking of that, DF is too and measured himself on our measuring stick at home and he's grown 2 full inches in 5 months!  These kids just keep on growing!!!!

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