Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kindergarten Egg Hunt

My favorite thing about this day was that Nora took the bunny ear headband to put on for the hunt (or so I thought) but come to find out she wore it all day long!  She was excited to hunt for eggs on her playground and thrilled that Meme came to the picnic party too!  Cute stuff and happy kiddos on that playground!

Easter 2017

We had a wonderful Easter day, Easter makes me a bit emotional.  The meaning, the hope, the life, the memories, the love!  It just touches my heart right off the bat.  We did all of the usual, early church, brunch at the Country Club, and then back to our house for Egg hunt and piƱata.  Only this year, we also added swimming in the lake and a boat ride.  The cousins played and had a great time together! 

This year these two matched :)

Daddy making bunny ears behind mom gets the biggest smiles!

Nora wanted to take this pic

Monday, April 17, 2017


Fun with friends

Monday, April 10, 2017


Easter is coming! 

This weekend we went to some church friend's house for an Easter Egg hunt and the kids had a blast- they all got a ton of eggs and candy.  They cooked out hamburgers and we all had such a good time.  On Sunday the weather was so pretty that we sat outside all day long, the kids swam in the lake and we decided to go ahead and dye our eggs.  It's a little early, but that's ok, we will just destroy them with golf clubs, just like we did every Easter when I was a kid at Mam and Pap's.

Easter has always been the holiday we follow traditions the closest- I'm not sure why other than we have some different traditions but it just doesn't feel like Easter without whacking a hard boiled egg to smithereens with a golf club.  I know.... strange!