Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When the big kids are at school...

This guy gets all of the attention!  And Daddy was home on Monday for Presidents' Day so we took the fishing boat out and did some fishing.  We did not have any luck with the fish, but this boy loved going to the bait shop and getting junk food snacks!  He also loved the minnows and kept kissing them.....eww!  He is so stinking CUTE though!  I even got a little practice with the trolling motor.  I learned on my dad's john boat but it's been many years since I've driven one. It's just as easy and fun as I remembered.  DF is learning now too! The Basses are loving lake life, and can't wait for summer!

Mount Magazine Getaway

Franklin had the great idea to book a room at the Lodge at Mount Magazine State Park over President's Day weekend.  We've never been and heard it's beautiful.  It's the highest point in Arkansas with an indoor pool (always a hit), and lots of hiking trails.  We had a great time being together and exploring Arkansas.  DF got to do a more 'dangerous' trail and the littles and I joined for the safer trail.  We did a lot of swimming, playing, and snuggling.  My kind of family time- and it was only a 2 hour drive!

Valentine's Class parties

DF and Nora had Valentine's parties at school last week and they were both so much fun, they had sweet Valentine's cards from their classmates that they enjoyed reading and TONS of candy and chocolate!  They both played Minute to Win it games at their parties and had a blast.  I love being in their classrooms and watching them interact with their peers.  Sweet times!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Daddy Daughter Dance 2017

Lakeside Primary held a Valentine's Day Daddy Daughter Dance, and it is something Nora has heard about and looked forward to for a while now.  She was counting the sleeps until it was her day.  Wessy got her ready and brought nail polish, make up and accessories and we got this princess ready for her date with her daddy, and her forever Prince.  Daddy was excited too, and it was a very special night for the both of them.  Nora would not let Franklin see her dress and came down the stairs for a big reveal.  He had a bracelet for her and a wrist corsage and she was thrilled (and slightly embarrassed at first).  She went to dinner at Purple Cow with about 5 other couples, danced the night away, and came home with a torn up dress and shoes (a sign of a good night), and finished the date with ice cream.  It was a night she will always remember, and Franklin too.  I'm so happy for the both of them, their love is something special and she has no idea how much space she fills in his heart.  

Isaac is 3!!

My baby is 3!!!  And he provides so much joy to our family. He is an independent soul, who likes to do things "his own self" and he likes to explore and wander (which can be quite challenging for his mother) but I hope it will serve him well as he ages.  He loves his family, and in fact when asked what he wanted on his cake he said choo choo train, legos, and my house and family.  He likes to be close, snuggle and play.  He loves legos, tools, balls, rocks and sticks, etc.  He also loves attention and playing with his bubby and sissy.  He is good at #1 on the potty but we have gone back to pull ups for the time being because #2 just wasn't happening yet.  He is a great eater, will eat all day long if allowed!  He loves to talk and sing and tell stories, he likes to hear new stories about animals each night.  Prefarably and animal family with a little boy, big girl and big boy brother and a mommy and daddy and dog.  He adores Maple too!   Isaac Watson Bass, you make me laugh, and I love my days spent with you!  You make me so proud and so happy!