Monday, November 27, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

We kept our family tradition of going to the Christmas Tree Farm and cutting down our tree on Saturday.  Nora got to choose it and the boys got to help cut it down.  (Mostly DF and Franklin)  It lifted our spirits to be out as a family together.

A Thanksgiving we will always remember

Our Thanksgiving started out slow and easy.  Watching the parade, kids playing upstairs and Franklin cooking eggs and sausage for breakfast.  We got dresses, took videos of what we were thankful for and I was reflecting on how grateful I was, but also how hard of a day it is for some like Randi and the girls, etc.   We said how we were grateful for our family, friends, toys, house, but we forgot to mention one very important one- our health.

We went to Meme and Grandpa's and played outside while waiting on the Vaught's to arrive and to go inside for lunch.  The Vaught's came and the excitment rose.  Nora was trying to "jump over Robbie's back" and something happened- she said she got tripped up on his leg and she went down hard.   She was quiet but not getting up and we knew something was wrong, but weren't prepared to see her arm with a big sway in the forearm.  Mammers said, we have a broken arm and Franklin scooped her up and the three of us went to the ER in town.  It was a long, scary afternoon, but we were seen quickly and she was taken well care of.  It was a bad break, worse that last year's and the Orthopedic came in and they had to sedate her to reset it.  She was beyond tough and brave and our hearts broke right with her arm.  BUT, she has a positive attitude, and we have lots to be thankful for.  So we ended Thanksgiving day, pretty shaken up, but still Thankful.  Just even more thankful than we even knew to be in the beginning.



Weekend at the Farm and pics with friends.

We went to the Farm to spend the weekend a couple of weekends ago and it's such good time together.  Franklin put a deer stand up this year so he and David Franklin went hunting and got a good buck.  He also took Isaac in the afternoon and Nora in the morning.  Not to hunt but to watch.  Nora loved it, but she said she mostly sat in daddy's lap and ate snacks.  Isaac liked it to, but was ready to go on inside shortly.  Isaac also had a playdate with Georgia, DF started playing basketball for the Rams 3rd grade Blue team and Nora was showing off her gymnastics skills for me :)