Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to School

Nora found out she has Ms. Roberson, which is exactly who she wanted and she is thrilled!  So excited for a great Kindergarten year again :)

I forgot to take a picture on open house with DF's teacher, but we ran into her on Sunday at Cracker Barrel and I got one then!  He is in 2nd grade with Mrs. Elliott and she seems very nice too!  

lynny came over the day before to paint her nails blue and gold
It was pouring down rain and it was 7:00 but I got those first day pictures, even if it looks like they are going to night school!

Goodbye hugs from baby bro, he got to stay in his pjs a little longer!

after school treats to celebrate a great first day!  Nora said it was awesome, the best day of her entire life.  DF said his was "pretty good too".  That was an enthusiastic pretty good, not a sad one.  Ikey and I miss our buddies, and he asked "where bubby go?  where sissy go?" a hundred times but it was a good day and we have prayers for a great year!

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