Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fun week with friends

This week, DF and Nora went to a day camp called Tanako, they loved it and came home exhausted but really bonded over the week.  DF liked being with Nora and looking out for her and of course, she loved being with her Bubby.  Isaac and I had a good time at home, cleaning out, cooking, and running a few errands.  It was a good week!
He got some new bubbles in (last time to wear these things, but he's my last baby and I'd swaddle him if I still could).   Nora went to help him try them on an came back wearing one herself- I can't believe she is going to Kindergarten in 2 weeks!!!!
Ikey discovered the fun of pop goes the weasel for the first time!

And we went on a snow cone date.  We had some good time together ourselves :)

We went swimming with conner and enjoyed some snacks

And after camp one day Blakely and Ashton came home for a sleepover and we made our own pizza! 

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