Monday, July 11, 2016

The Johnson Farm visit

We headed north to the Ozark Mountains  last weekend to visit Pops and Lelly and Jack. The kids swam in the river (even though it was muddy from the storm the night before), shot the rapids, rode bikes, we had a weenie roast and shot fireworks, played uno, and celebrated dad's birthday. But the main (or mane) reason for going to the farm instead of visiting them in Fayetteville was getting to meet the horses we've all been dying to see! The kids loved them! Loved feeding them, watching them, brushing them, and riding them. They two quarter horses are older and best friends, Blaze and Devilance. The Tennesee Walker is newer and younger and faster, he's Pops' horse.  I rode Blaze who is a mare and really liked her! Ike rode with Franklin on Devilance and with Pops on Jake. DF rode Jake but Pops lead them with a lead rope. David Franklin was anxious to ride alone and he got to ride Devilance into the barn. Such fun and my dad called it a Grandpa's dream come true.

Even Maple was enchanted by the horses.

DF dressed the part of course and packed his vest and hat himself.

Isaac kept saying, I ride with Pops so he got to do that. He said "again again" about riding the horses.

We went to the Oark Cafe for Sunday morning breakfast

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