Friday, June 10, 2016

The Basses (or Griswalds) do Disney!

We just got back from one of the best family vacations ever for us- Disney World! I will not lie, I knew the kids would have a blast but I had heard some horror stories about how hot, and exhausting it was.  I had prepared myself for long lines and children melting down and total exhaustion, but to my surprise.... we had a ball!  A lot of that has to do with the mindset of my wonderful in laws, and their relaxed pace and attitude.  There was no, we are only here once we have to do it all- stay until midnight mentality.  Thank goodness, that is when I think the above scenerios would occur.  Instead, we didn't kill ourselves trying to do it all, but we picked the tops and enjoyed those.  We all had the best time, rode fun rides, saw neat shows and had great time together.  It was magical for Nora and DF and Isaac, although I know he won't remember it when he's older, had so much fun taking it all in!  He got to see Donald Duck which is a favorite of his and had ice cream and popsicles galore and it be with some of his favorite people. He was so happy!!!  It was amazing, and we appreciate our generous Meme and Grandpa for the lifetime of memories we made!!!!!

I seriously have over 300 pictures so I am going to whittle it down to a highlight reel here: :)


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