Thursday, June 23, 2016

Morphews come to visit

Last week the Morphews came from California to visit for the week. We were busy and the cousins played hard everyday. I didn't get a lot of pictures but they swam in the wade pool at mammers, we went to the horse farm and saw the zebra, we went tubing on the lake (and got stuck and towed) ha!, we went to the farm and rode the dune buggy, tractor and fished. But our biggest event was celebrating Teddy's 2nd birthday at the farm on Friday night. My mom loves a theme and she made games and crafts and snacks and decorations all that had to do with a vehicle theme. We had a great time together!!!

The number 2 shirt that Mammers and I made has been worn by all 3 boys on their second birthdays :)

I love this picture of my mother because I know the joy it represents. She's on her daddy's tractor with all of her beloved grandchildren together at her family farm in Glenwood. A treasure! 

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