Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day is an awesome day!

"Children are a gift from the Lord.  They are a reward from Him." Psalms 127:3
The ones who made me a Mother!!!  Which is a dream come true for me!  I adore them.  DF is one of the kindest, purest, coolest kids on the planet.  He's a thinker and a visionary.  He is unique and embraces it and walks to the beat of his own drum  Nora is beauty and I learned what the term stunner is because sometimes she smiles a certain smile at me and I catch my breath.  She's a total mommy's girl and wants to be close to me at all times.  She is funny, smart, adventurous, helpful, and very loving.  Isaac is pure love, he is both boisterous and chill.  He loves to be a part of the group and join in the fun.  He's wonderful to be around and I'm so happy when he's in my lap and I'm rocking him. He loves to laugh and will fake laugh if he hears laughter to join in.  His eyes twinkle and his drooly, wet kisses are my favorite.

But there is more to the story, I'm crazy about my kids.  That part is obvious.  I love being a mom, like really love it.  My arms feel strange if they aren't full of little people (even if nap time is my favorite time of day).  But I also have a deep love for these two women.  They are my models to which I could never measure up.  My mother loves me like no one else in the world does and she does and gives so much of herself for us all.  My mother in law is an amazing mother and grandmother and my children adore her.  She is giving as well (I mean who else would drive through the car rider line at school and then get waved off so their son could ride the bus home, and she knew that was a possibility and was ok with it!)  Now that is amazing, and she is so calming to be around.  Franklin is that way to me too, and I think he's a lot like his momma.  

Not pictured but though of and appreciated on this day are Leslie, our grandmothers, my sister in laws. The truth is, I'm surrounded by outstanding women that all bring different things to my life. 

Meme and Grandpa are beginning their last weeks of school- ever!!!!  Which is crazy to think about!  I mean talk about lifers.  Grandpa has won award after award.  Franklin and I attended his 'Last Lecture' and we were both reminded of what a talented teacher he is and were impressed of the impact he's made and the respect he has earned with his peers.  Between the two of them, they have touched hundreds of lives and truly made the world (especially Arkadelphia) a better place.  We hope they enjoy retirement.... and they won't want to go back to work after seeing so much of us! :)

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