Friday, May 6, 2016

Meanwhile, this boy has had a tough week. Took a big tumble on the asphalt and got a serious case of road rash all on his sweet face and nose. Hurt me all week to look at him and it got much worse looking as it scabbed and the week progressed. Then on Wednesday night he woke up making a sound I've never heard before in my life. It was the group cough mixed with him struggling for breath on his inhale which is what I later learned is called strider. Franklin and I were very concerned about his struggling for breath and decided a trip to the ER was necessary. He wasn't speaking and really working to breathe. The ER was very busy but my friend Abby is an ER nurse and was working that night, she got us right back and he got a steroid shot and is back on track. Scary stuff for a momma!! 

But we enjoyed this beautiful day today with a picnic in the front yard and an ice cream sandwich he thoroughly enjoyed!! 😘

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