Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Spring break has been a busy, but great week! I've loved having such great time with all 3 kids together, made wonderful memories, and had great times with friends. DF moved downstairs and made the guest room his room this week. It's just downstairs but that first night I felt like he went to college almost! He's so happy and did great! 
It's also crazy Easter falls this week. We went to the farm and stayed there the first few days of the week. 

Hudson spent the night with us at the farm one night which was a first!
Then Kim and I loaded up the kids for a one night trip to Memphis. We barely found a vehicle to fit us all in but we did it!
We went to Beale street for lunch and that was an experience (a very different place during the day than at night- thankfully!)
They loved the Children's museum and shut the place down. We did it all and they still were not ready to leave... Seriously the last car to pull out and they were not slowing down a bit. Thankfully we had an indoor pool at our hotel so there was more fun to be had!

Got a fresh new carpet burn boo boo 😔
Photo booths are always fun.
Next stop, the zoo!

Nora rarely has a girl to play with, she is surrounded by mostly boys with our family friends so this was a big treat getting to be with AK!
Even the mommas got in on the face painting.
Saturday was the Egg Hunt at HSCC

Daddy took this one to hunt and they, I mean Isaac found the prize egg!!

We met the Greens and Choates for family golf and they came over for pizza afterwards. 

DF has only had 2 guitar lessons this far, yet he decided to play a show for us. :)

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