Saturday, February 13, 2016

Isaac is 2!

Isaac is 2 years old today!! He's joy, and sweetness and hugs and we all love him to smithereens!!
Last night at dinner as we were eating the cake the kids all helped make him, DF and Nora were talking about how much they love Isaac. DF said, I love him so much and when I'm sad he can always cheer me up. Nora said I love playing with Isaac and pretending he's my son. All the while, he was nodding a big slow nod saying "yeah". 
He's a fun loving guy who loves animals, slides, balls, fishing poles, trucks and tractors, being outside, playing and mostly everything. He does not like missing out and likes everyone to be together. 
He's true delight to our family and everyone around him. Happy birthday, baby boy! You are one loved dude. 

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