Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa, Santa and more Santa!

What a full weekend in we had this first one in December. Franklin went on his Buddy Hunt in George West so he missed our fun, but I am sure he had plenty himself!
The Halls came with us after school and we headed straight to orange leaf.
Where ikey begged for bites 
On Saturday we went to breakfast with Santa at St. Lukes. Meme came with us and we were happy about that! Especially this little guy! 
They made picture frames
Had pancakes
And visited with the big guy! 
Nora wanted her picture taken with Santa and Blakely her best friend from school. This was a super cute moment! 
Then we were off to Book Club where Santa showed up again! Santa's helper really. 
They roasted s'mores 
Nora was excited to share with the group- she is not shy! 
On Sunday was the children's Christmas program at church. They did a wonderful job. DF got tired... It was a lot of singing
He was either yawning or really getting with it here and I'm not sure which. He went back and fourth pretty often and even had a brief moment of air guitar which was the highlight for me!! 
Nora loved the stage and performing and took it very seriously. 
This baby loved watching and was waving to his brother. 
Then we went to Santa Brunch at HSCC to celebrate Grandpa's birthday from earlier in the week and the Vaughts came too which is always big fun for my kiddos.  DF was trying to get his baby brother to look at the camera and put him in a semi headlock to get him to look at the camera, and no tears this year! 
Nora went to get on Santa's lap twice today and is convinced this is not one of Santa's helpers but is the real Santa. I think she's right! I also think I should sent this directly to Coca-Cola for their ads for next year ;)
Happy birthday Grandpa! 

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