Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day

Oh what fun!!
Mammers got Ikey and Nora a dune buggy for the farm, or as Nora calls it a "june buggy"
She got them helmets, too and Isaac really likes his!  He wants to wear it all the time.  At first this june buggy went slower than a walking pace but we figured out how to kick it up to a slow jog :)

 They also got a bounce house that can be indoor/ outdoor.  It is downstairs for now with the weather and the rain, but I foresee many fun times with it in the future.

Christmas Eve night, they all were a buzz.  I don't think DF slept more than a few hours, just ask Mammers, she spent the night :) I think just as he fell asleep around 4:30, Nora woke up.  They were so excited for Christmas morning to arrive!

 They were not having putting reindeer food on the front lawn, they said the reindeer don't land in the yard, they land on the roof so it went on the roof this year.
 They each loved getting to climb up the ladder.
 We had a full moon this Christmas and it was beautiful!

 This boy is so sweet, and liked passing out the presents to everyone!

 Nora got an Easy Bake Oven and was thrilled!  She really wanted a purple one.  We still have some practicing to do, our first batch of cookies didn't quite turn out so good.
 This boy got the surprise of his life, and Santa brought an electric dirt bike.  I am one scared momma, but he's really got it pretty well figured out! 

Isaac was most thrilled with the M&M candy cane

 He learned how to ride with his daddy as a passenger.

I couldn't watch at first but Isaac could and he wanted to go along for the ride too!

 This boy is hooked, would be riding all the time if he could and the charge would last.
We met the Ligons at the farm for lunch on Christmas day.  This was our attempt at a group pic, Isaac was asleep and Uncle Bob and Aunt Myra were late so they missed it. 

Sarah, DF, Mark, and Mom
The moments in between,  on the way to Meme and Grandpa's

Nora got an American Girl doll from Meme and Grandpa, the Truly Me.  She has blond, curly hair and blue eyes just like Nora.  She named her Susie, and Susie has not left her side since.

They also got a big surprise that we are going to Disney World in May!!  Isaac got his Mickey Mouse backpack, and they are ready to go! 
Gotta love the "kids table"!
Two blond curly ponytails!
The final group pic with the Vaughts and Basses.  This Christmas was very merry!

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