Monday, November 30, 2015

The Cozy Rosey Cabin

So let me tell you what we've been up to...creating and building this little farmhouse at Ligon Family Farms in Glenwood. It's a dream come true for Franklin as he's started spending more and more time down there and taken care of the upkeep of it a few years ago. DF loves to go and has had several camp outs with buddies and dads and Nora loves to go for tractor rides and fish. After Franklin scribbled out a design on a napkin, and we met with a couple local guys (one who grew up with my mom), the Cozy Rosey cabin is here.  We named it that because my Pap-paw used to keep cows on the farm and one of my Mam-maw's favorites she named Nosey Rosey because it would come right up and stick it's head in the window of the truck. The Cozy Rosey just seemed to fit, and stuck.
Let me tell you more about this place, it's small but fully furnished with meaningful pieces from family members. Quilts, chairs, dishes, sheets, pictures, etc etc. 
My Mam and Pap are certainly represented since this was their farm, but we have things from Aunt Lois, Grands Ellen, Pops, Daddy Uh-Oh, Meme and Grandpa, Mammers, Ma Ligon and probably more I don't know about. We seriously bought tvs and that's about it to furnish it. That is what I love about it. It's cozy, warm, cute and it's SO sentimental. I hope many more memories will be made on this farm and my prayer is that more generations will use and enjoy it.

The kitchen. Franklin designed this layout and I helped pick out the cabinets, and backsplash and the open shelving. Very simple, and just what we need.
My Mam-maw and Pap-paw's two matching recliners have been stored in my downstairs workroom since their house was sold after my pap-paw passed away. This is the perfect place for them and makes me think of them instantly.

The ladder to the loft, Franklin made the rails with the galvanized pipe that spured our use of it all through the cabin.
This quilt my moms cousin made.
The loft is long and skinny and has these dividers with open shelving for 3 mattresses for the kids. They love it so much! That bedding was mine my freshman year of college and Nora loves that.
This river picture is appropriate for the Caddo, and  reminds me of my dad. It hung in David's room in Fayetteville make me happy, along with Aunt Lois' afghan.

The Bathroom, the best part of having a cabin at the farm in my opinion... no more woods!
Walk in shower 

The 2nd bedroom, my mom's old Glenwood High pennet, gulf oil things, aunt Louis's glass lamps, Mam-maw's quilts and a childhood picture of my mom and uncle Bob at the Caddo River are in this room. (Along with the pack n play for now).  
Master bedroom, meaning it holds the 1 and only closet and there is not much room even for a dresser. Very cozy though, in meme and grandpa's old bed from their condo! 

We have my grandmother's dishes that she used many, many years ago. They are truly vintage, and some are chipped and stained but when I saw them I flipped. They are so cool. I love them! 
Galvanized plumping pipes were used to hang the open shelving in the kitchen and may be my favorite part of the whole place.
The kids and I painted this picnic table ourselves and we moved it on the porch and we love it there over looking the pond. 

Maple loves the farm. She runs and plays and stays close and gets worn out and is calm at the farm. It suits her well.

Franklin loves this idea right here, watching football with a buddy in an easy chair with his dog. That's time well spent in Franklin's book.  The pictures below are from when some of our favorite families came out Sunday afternoon.  Marci and Erin have birthdays 1 week apart so we had a double party for them, it was fun.  Kids played, hot dogs were roasted (or warmed) and we had fun.  Can't wait to do it again!


Blowing out their candles, take notice of that orange hat behind them....
That was DF and he gave them surprise birthday spankings- it shocked us all.  This is the after!

Nora Ligon drinking out of her Pap-paw's Gulf oil mug.

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