Thursday, October 1, 2015

Isaac's first day of school

Ikey is going to go to St. Luke's in January on Tuesday and Thursdays but they said he can come as needed for drop in days until then. I had a lot of things on my plate so I asked if he could come today and they said sure! No one was more thrilled about this than Nora!
That sweet finger on his face... Thinking about it all. 
Ok, I'm ready!

Nora packed his backpack, told him to "behave" and that she would check on him twice. She did, I think she thinks he is her baby! Boy did it make me feel better knowing she was there with him today. 
A picture the teacher sent from my baby at the lunch room! 
Nora checking on him like she promised! She told Ms. Sally she didn't want him to see her or he would get upset. Which he did, and she was right but only when she left and only for a moment. 

He even brought home beautiful art that he painted with marbles! He got a great report, slept the entire nap time 2 hours on his nap mat and they said he tried to sing at circle time and was assessing it all. They also said, he's SWEET! Which we already knew. He really is a gentle spirit. Don't know when he will go back, but he went today and it was a success! 

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