Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fayetteville for the WIN!

This weekend in Fayetteville was one of the best we've had in a while! We saw lots of friends, had a great time with Meme and Grandpa, did some shopping around the square, and got the big Win against Auburn in the 4th over time!! We love Fayetteville and our kids do too. DF said it was "the best vacation", and I'd have to agree :) 
Fun dinner with friends on Friday night at a new restaurant on Dickson Street. Delta love! 

Met up with the Johnsons at the Farmers market Saturday morning.
DF got his face painted and requested a razorback snake, or a snakerback, or a razorsnake. It certainly goes with the university's new hashtag #uncommon very well!
She was pretty spirited all weekend! Loves the cheerleaders.

I was impressed with those Hogs, but I was absolutely dazzled by her beauty in this picture.
Steak and ribs for dinner at Herman's hit the spot Saturday night!
Ikey and Meme hung out on the square during the game and did a little cupcake eating, and bubble popping together! 

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