Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Maple has been adjusting to little people and we are adjusting to a puppy. She's pretty playful and nippy right now so all is fun until she jumps up and grabs their clothes or their toys, hands, etc and tears soon follow. She bit Nora on the bottom and left marks and that was the worst, but all in all they are crazy about her. 


She rode with us to school drop off one day and Nora got to take her in to see her class!
Ikey had a play date at the park. They all look mad but here but I promise they were having fun! Just confused why they had to stop playing and look at us for a picture! 😊

We met daddy at the farmers market for "food truck Friday" and it was so much fun!
He loved my shrimp salad- my baby foodie!

Once DF heard maple went to Nora's class, guess who else needed a puppy show and tell day?! Maple went to First Grade too!
Lastly, Nora started gymnastics last night and loved every second of it. She said on the way in, "momma, I'm so excited. Are you so excited?" She will take dance at school this year and do gymnastics instead. She did great and said it was "awesome!" 

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