Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Growing fast!

This week is one of those weeks when I see how much everyone's growing. Day to day it's hard to see it, but I'm noticing this week...
His favorite toy is the car. He'd play in it forever. He likes climbing, pushing all of the buttons, the keys, all it it. 

Nora is still loving gymnastics and is also doing dance and tawkando at school. She really has learned some kicks and punches and how to yell "Yes Sir!"   DF rely is sad they didn't do that when he was at St. Lukes but Nora is showing him her moves, much to his dismay.
Nora is such a little mommy and has started calling Isaac, Boo Boo...?? He doesn't seem to mind.
He wasn't really feeling sugars from mom this morning.
But he loved the playground at church before bible study.
The kids aren't the only ones growing... Maple is too. She's doing much better with her nipping but still likes to chew things. She's also doing pretty well with her potty training! Yay!

This boy is liking his Paci more and more, instead of less and less! Uh oh ;)

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