Monday, September 28, 2015

School picture

This first grader wanted to wear his blazer to school on picture day! So, I let him. This will be in the yearbook. He rocked it and he felt pretty great about himself. I asked him who said he looked nice when I picked him up from school and he said, "pretty much everybody." 

Weekend fun

Music class at the library. Isaac liked it, Nora loved it!
Little sister cheerleaders at football practice
We went to Glenwood and the Choates came too. They found a frog at the river.
Family play day on Sunday afternoon at the park.

I adore this baby boy, he's SO sweet!
Science date night with my big boy to see the Supermoon lunar eclipse.  Too bad that we couldn't see much because of too much cloud cover but he got to stay up late all on his own so it was a win  anyway. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Growing fast!

This week is one of those weeks when I see how much everyone's growing. Day to day it's hard to see it, but I'm noticing this week...
His favorite toy is the car. He'd play in it forever. He likes climbing, pushing all of the buttons, the keys, all it it. 

Nora is still loving gymnastics and is also doing dance and tawkando at school. She really has learned some kicks and punches and how to yell "Yes Sir!"   DF rely is sad they didn't do that when he was at St. Lukes but Nora is showing him her moves, much to his dismay.
Nora is such a little mommy and has started calling Isaac, Boo Boo...?? He doesn't seem to mind.
He wasn't really feeling sugars from mom this morning.
But he loved the playground at church before bible study.
The kids aren't the only ones growing... Maple is too. She's doing much better with her nipping but still likes to chew things. She's also doing pretty well with her potty training! Yay!

This boy is liking his Paci more and more, instead of less and less! Uh oh ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flag football

DF played in his first flag football game on Saturday! He did great, and had FUN! 
No, he won't let us cut his mouthpiece.  
Cowboys team 
He played defense and blocked some big kids. He said "mom, I stopped 4th graders!" 
He played against some buddies. It was pretty cute stuff and it's so much fun to watch him grow in confidence and have a good time out there learning about the game and trying new things. Football is the first sport he took initiative and asked to play!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Proud of daddy!

Franklin was named Community President of Simmons Bank of Hot Springs, and boy are we PROUD! Pretty nice promotion for a 35 year old!  We are thrilled and the kids wanted to celebrate and have a family party. Nora said he got an award and is the "best banker ever!" She also picked out the wording on this cake. We love you Franklin! 

Fall is here!

Birthday parties, razorback football, Labor Day lake/pool fun, my girls night bday dinner, DF's first dove hunt with his daddy, and mammers at St. Luke's Grandparent Day.....we've been busy :) 

Nora and AK in their matching mermaid towels at AK's mermaid party

Isaac and Connor's first tube ride with their mommas!

Fun girls dinner for my 35th
Franklin and his buddies at their annual dove hunt. It was DF's first time and he LOVED it!
LB and Robbie were there too! 
Mammers went to Grandparents Day breakfast with Nora.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

County Fair

Super dad took the kids to the county fair this week with the Halls while I was at a church baby shower. They were some hot, dirty kids when they got home but they had fun! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Maple has been adjusting to little people and we are adjusting to a puppy. She's pretty playful and nippy right now so all is fun until she jumps up and grabs their clothes or their toys, hands, etc and tears soon follow. She bit Nora on the bottom and left marks and that was the worst, but all in all they are crazy about her. 


She rode with us to school drop off one day and Nora got to take her in to see her class!
Ikey had a play date at the park. They all look mad but here but I promise they were having fun! Just confused why they had to stop playing and look at us for a picture! 😊

We met daddy at the farmers market for "food truck Friday" and it was so much fun!
He loved my shrimp salad- my baby foodie!

Once DF heard maple went to Nora's class, guess who else needed a puppy show and tell day?! Maple went to First Grade too!
Lastly, Nora started gymnastics last night and loved every second of it. She said on the way in, "momma, I'm so excited. Are you so excited?" She will take dance at school this year and do gymnastics instead. She did great and said it was "awesome!"