Saturday, August 15, 2015

Last weeks of summer

And we are hanging on tight to our sweet days of summer.  We filled it full  before school starts on Monday. I'm really not ready for the homework, alarm clocks, and hustle and bustle, but I know my kids will have great years.  I've been praying for their teachers and classes. They are excited, especially Nora. David Franklin likes the summer time and being at home with extra cartoon time :)
David Franklin is such a good big brother and let Isaac sit on his lap with his friends at a birthday party. There wasn't a high chair so DF held him, happily. 
Birthday party at the trampoline park and Nora hardly left the Princesses she spotted right away

Family swim night at the country club and a father/son diving competition. Nice Form, Frankie!

Magic Springs, and DF conquered his first upside down ride and did it about 4 times in a row. Said it made his stomach feel funny. 
Nora and Ellie Krauss at Magic Springs water park 

We rode the Belle of Hot springs one hot afternoon, thank goodness it was only an hour because Nora said it was "boring". 
Donut shop treat.
Chuck E Cheese pizza! They loved this place! 
Best group pic :) 

Ikey giving Connor a hug for his 2nd birthday
Nora and Greorgia Green in their swim skirts, Nora called them their tutus. The only girls have to stick together. 

Team picture from Connor's 2nd birthday party. They are such fun! Nora had already changed into her gown and was ready for bed. (It was an evening party).

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