Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Isaac Watson is 18 months old!

Isaac is 18 months old and I don't have his official stats because he's healthy and I'm not taking him to the doctor's office right now so I can keep it that way. Ok, I may have just jinxed it but I will tell you what I do know about him...
His brother and sister adore him, and he feels the same way. He loves to run back and fourth laughing while his gives big bear hugs.
He is joy! He has a special smile that crinkles his nose up the side and it just lights up your world when you see it!
They are precious to me!
Diaper size: 5
Shoe size-5
Clothing size- 2T
Takes one nap mid day and lasts 2-3 hours. Is very adaptable with sleeping, napping and if he's off schedule a bit he seems fine with it. 
He sleeps around 7pm-7am give with some wiggle room on both ends of that. He likes his bed, he takes a paci and his night night and rolls right over. 
He likes noisy books and toys, LOVES animals and balls, dances and sings to music. He "sings" along more than my other children have.  
He likes to point a lot and loves his daddy. He will run and jump for Franklin when he sees him! 
He knows exactly what you're saying and is a good minder.... Unless he doesn't like what you have planned of course like buckling in the car seat. 
He is very communicative but isn't saying many words on his own but mimics a lot. He can say; Dada, Mama, Uh oh, tank you, bubba, ball, and he can say something close to please but he does NOT want to. If I say, say please he shakes his head and says uhnah. He says that a lot. :)  When he nods, his whole body goes up and down. 
He likes to be in the action and doing what everyone else is. 
He loves food!!! All kinds, you name it, he will try it and probably like it! His favorite is fruit, but he likes most meats and vegetables. We thought he may have a gluten and or dairy intolerance but that seems to have gone totally away, although I will keep a close watch.

Ikey boy, we are so happy you joined this family and completed us. David Franklin hugged you just the other day and said "I love him so much." I said meeee too. We ALL love you beautiful boy. 

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