Saturday, August 15, 2015


Maple McCandles Bass! 

Maple is our Bass baby #4. Nora wanted a sister, so this is it :). 
She's 8 weeks old and is a Boykin Spaniel. Franklin has read about this breed and has wanted one for a long time. I wasn't ready after Bella, and I'm still not sure I am, but everyone else was so I caved. 
Franklin found a breeder he especially liked (after lots of research) in Houston, TX. They had a litter and watched to see the calmest one for our family of young children. She's also one of the two smallest girls of the litter. 
Franklin and the 2 bigs drove to Nacogdoches, TX to pick her up. It was 1/2 way and still a full day in the car. They met for lunch and Franklin said it was a super cute town and a day they will always remember. 

We decided on the name Maple for many reasons but one was that the kids loved Maple syrup and we were saying she was going to be brown like maple syrup and it stuck. Franklin and I both lived on Maple Street in Fayetteville. McCandles was David Franklin's contribution. That is from the John Wayne movie, Big Jake, which is a DF favorite.... I know! He loves Jacob McCandles and wanted that to be in her name. 

We are happy she's in the family. Although, we all have some adjustments for to do! Isaac loves dogs, a lot and is too rough and we have to supervise every second. Nora was so excited that she was running and missed a step and cut her face on the flagstone steps. 10 minutes after they arrived. I don't think she needs stitches but it was bad and I'm expecting a black eye or for it to be possibly swollen shut this morning. I need some prayers because even after all of that, I probably have the most adjusting to do.  Let the puppy love grow, and the shoe chewing begin :) 

These are pictures Franklin sent when they first picked her up.

The grannies came to wait on meeting Maple.

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