Monday, August 24, 2015

First day of school

Apples and black eyes for Nora, it's become a tradition apherntly. 
A better shot of the eye/face boo boo. It got worse before it got better. She's working on her "street cred" 
DF is in Mrs. Davenport's class and LOVES his class. There are a few buddies in there so he was thrilled. After the first day, he said First grade was "way funner" than kindergarten because you can chose who you get to sit by at the lunch table. It's the little things ;) 
Nora with her Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Meggs. Nora said she's "awesome" and they've made their own play doh which was a big hit. 
This is Ms. Sally the teachers aid in her class and Nora loves Ms. Sally! Yes, we are old school and they both gave their teachers apples on the first day. I think it's nice to come bearing gifts, and may earn some brownie points :))

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