Monday, August 24, 2015

First day of school

Apples and black eyes for Nora, it's become a tradition apherntly. 
A better shot of the eye/face boo boo. It got worse before it got better. She's working on her "street cred" 
DF is in Mrs. Davenport's class and LOVES his class. There are a few buddies in there so he was thrilled. After the first day, he said First grade was "way funner" than kindergarten because you can chose who you get to sit by at the lunch table. It's the little things ;) 
Nora with her Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Meggs. Nora said she's "awesome" and they've made their own play doh which was a big hit. 
This is Ms. Sally the teachers aid in her class and Nora loves Ms. Sally! Yes, we are old school and they both gave their teachers apples on the first day. I think it's nice to come bearing gifts, and may earn some brownie points :))

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Maple McCandles Bass! 

Maple is our Bass baby #4. Nora wanted a sister, so this is it :). 
She's 8 weeks old and is a Boykin Spaniel. Franklin has read about this breed and has wanted one for a long time. I wasn't ready after Bella, and I'm still not sure I am, but everyone else was so I caved. 
Franklin found a breeder he especially liked (after lots of research) in Houston, TX. They had a litter and watched to see the calmest one for our family of young children. She's also one of the two smallest girls of the litter. 
Franklin and the 2 bigs drove to Nacogdoches, TX to pick her up. It was 1/2 way and still a full day in the car. They met for lunch and Franklin said it was a super cute town and a day they will always remember. 

We decided on the name Maple for many reasons but one was that the kids loved Maple syrup and we were saying she was going to be brown like maple syrup and it stuck. Franklin and I both lived on Maple Street in Fayetteville. McCandles was David Franklin's contribution. That is from the John Wayne movie, Big Jake, which is a DF favorite.... I know! He loves Jacob McCandles and wanted that to be in her name. 

We are happy she's in the family. Although, we all have some adjustments for to do! Isaac loves dogs, a lot and is too rough and we have to supervise every second. Nora was so excited that she was running and missed a step and cut her face on the flagstone steps. 10 minutes after they arrived. I don't think she needs stitches but it was bad and I'm expecting a black eye or for it to be possibly swollen shut this morning. I need some prayers because even after all of that, I probably have the most adjusting to do.  Let the puppy love grow, and the shoe chewing begin :) 

These are pictures Franklin sent when they first picked her up.

The grannies came to wait on meeting Maple.

Last weeks of summer

And we are hanging on tight to our sweet days of summer.  We filled it full  before school starts on Monday. I'm really not ready for the homework, alarm clocks, and hustle and bustle, but I know my kids will have great years.  I've been praying for their teachers and classes. They are excited, especially Nora. David Franklin likes the summer time and being at home with extra cartoon time :)
David Franklin is such a good big brother and let Isaac sit on his lap with his friends at a birthday party. There wasn't a high chair so DF held him, happily. 
Birthday party at the trampoline park and Nora hardly left the Princesses she spotted right away

Family swim night at the country club and a father/son diving competition. Nice Form, Frankie!

Magic Springs, and DF conquered his first upside down ride and did it about 4 times in a row. Said it made his stomach feel funny. 
Nora and Ellie Krauss at Magic Springs water park 

We rode the Belle of Hot springs one hot afternoon, thank goodness it was only an hour because Nora said it was "boring". 
Donut shop treat.
Chuck E Cheese pizza! They loved this place! 
Best group pic :) 

Ikey giving Connor a hug for his 2nd birthday
Nora and Greorgia Green in their swim skirts, Nora called them their tutus. The only girls have to stick together. 

Team picture from Connor's 2nd birthday party. They are such fun! Nora had already changed into her gown and was ready for bed. (It was an evening party).

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Isaac Watson is 18 months old!

Isaac is 18 months old and I don't have his official stats because he's healthy and I'm not taking him to the doctor's office right now so I can keep it that way. Ok, I may have just jinxed it but I will tell you what I do know about him...
His brother and sister adore him, and he feels the same way. He loves to run back and fourth laughing while his gives big bear hugs.
He is joy! He has a special smile that crinkles his nose up the side and it just lights up your world when you see it!
They are precious to me!
Diaper size: 5
Shoe size-5
Clothing size- 2T
Takes one nap mid day and lasts 2-3 hours. Is very adaptable with sleeping, napping and if he's off schedule a bit he seems fine with it. 
He sleeps around 7pm-7am give with some wiggle room on both ends of that. He likes his bed, he takes a paci and his night night and rolls right over. 
He likes noisy books and toys, LOVES animals and balls, dances and sings to music. He "sings" along more than my other children have.  
He likes to point a lot and loves his daddy. He will run and jump for Franklin when he sees him! 
He knows exactly what you're saying and is a good minder.... Unless he doesn't like what you have planned of course like buckling in the car seat. 
He is very communicative but isn't saying many words on his own but mimics a lot. He can say; Dada, Mama, Uh oh, tank you, bubba, ball, and he can say something close to please but he does NOT want to. If I say, say please he shakes his head and says uhnah. He says that a lot. :)  When he nods, his whole body goes up and down. 
He likes to be in the action and doing what everyone else is. 
He loves food!!! All kinds, you name it, he will try it and probably like it! His favorite is fruit, but he likes most meats and vegetables. We thought he may have a gluten and or dairy intolerance but that seems to have gone totally away, although I will keep a close watch.

Ikey boy, we are so happy you joined this family and completed us. David Franklin hugged you just the other day and said "I love him so much." I said meeee too. We ALL love you beautiful boy. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Destination Unknown weekend

Franklin won some major points this weekend- like for the rest of his life! He booked a surprise weekend getaway, worked out the childcare with our parents- THANK YOU Meme and Grandpa and Mammers! He gave me a packing list and that was all I knew. 
In the car on the way to the airport, he told me we were heading to Blackberry Farm, in the Smoky Mountians in Tenneessee. This place is amazing and the food and wine is the best I've ever had! This weekend was restful, fun, very relaxing and one I will never forget! 
Franklin saw these rocking chairs on the website and were something that allured him, I now see why! We enjoyed rocking on them before and after meals. 
This was our picnic one day, and Franklin's favorite meal of his life! 

We ate at the Barn one night and it was beautiful. 

We found a kitten in the garden shed.

Franklin went fly fishing while I was at the spa and enjoyed a yoga class.

View from our room. 

Thank you, Fanklin for being simply the best!!