Friday, July 3, 2015


DF has been at Family Farm this week which is a Christian, outdoor adventure day camp. He did archery, camping, horseback riding, fishing, zip lining, and more! He had a great experience and can't wait to go again next year.
He had a great group!

Nora has had swimming lessons with Mrs. Amanda Morgan and is doing great! 

She also had a special date night with her daddy. She called him at 5:00 and asked her to take her on a date. She wanted to wear a crown and a fancy dress and wanted him to wear "handsome clothes". It's not often he come home from work and puts on a tie! He sure loves that daughter of his because he wore a coat and tie, took her for steak and shrimp and ice cream and she even walked in with a new dress and shoes. Her smile was stuck on her face even the next morning! He sure set the bar high, which I believe was intentional. :)

Isaac has just gone along for the ride with it all and is the cutest thing. We did make it to a concert at the library and a little play ground time this week. He also had fun swimming with his little buddies one night while the daddies were golfing. We all light up when we see his sweet face. 

He actually loved the music but not a fan of getting close to "Leonardo" who Nora told she thought he was a ninja turtle! :)

The ladies had a lunch/ pool party Saturday afternoon at my friend Ashley's house on the lake while they guys golfed.

Franklin played in the HSCC 4ball golf tournament last weekend and we had Jeff and Randi spent the weekend with us. Franklin played great golf and had a lot of fun! The ladies had fun at the dinners or what we started calling "mom prom"

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