Monday, July 13, 2015

DF's first float trip

David Franklin went on his first float trip down the Caddo River on Saturday.  It was a father/son trip and Franklin said it was the best day!  He said DF loved every minute and fished off the front of the canoe most of the time.  He said he casted, and took care of his own hooks and everything!  He even caught the biggest fish of the day, men included.
McBride boys, Wyatt and Avery, Ashton Herndon and DF

As much fun as the float was, we were mighty proud to open the paper on Sunday and see the Kindergarten academic awards... 3 were listed for Kindergarteners and David Franklin Bass received every award.  Top reading, Top Math, Perfect Conduct all year.  This has nothing to do with us... He was born smart and sweet and with an inquisitive mind, AND he's had wonderful teachers!!  We are so proud of this boy!!!!

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