Tuesday, August 11, 2015

California cousins hit Arkansas for the week!

Well this was the best week of the summer according to my kids, and especially Nora.  The Morphews came to Mammers house for a full week of playing and fun!  They are 1 year- 6 and 1/2 years old so you can only imagine the total chaos it brings, but also much laughter and joy. The joy was especially felt by Mammers to have all of her grands together. We packed in the adventures and activities and my kids miss their cousins already. 

Play-doh adventures
Tilly loved the trampoline and they did a lot of jumping!
DF liked holding cousin Venice, he's quite a bit calmer and sits still a little better than his little bother, Isaac does :)
We hit the library one morning, and when I say hit, I mean hit... We sure left our mark!
Sweaty selfie on mammers deck 
Franklin and the two babies 
Nora loved getting right up close to Venice in the face, and often times he didn't seem to mind a close encounter with her.
Watching their big sisters jump, and waiting on their turns

Not much is better than twinning with your cousin with matching french braids

Uncle Jase wanted to go fill up some water jugs with the good Hot Springs Mineral water, Aunt Lois would take us to do this once a week and she swore by it.

Taco Mama lunch was a real fiesta!
Our cute little tribe

Tilly's first time on the lake and on the tube, she loved it and is a water girl!

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