Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vacation part 2

On Wednesday morning we drove down to Pensacola Beach or really Gulf Breeze which is right outside of Pensacola. We stayed at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Beach Hotel and we loved it! It had been recommended to us but we weren't sure what to expect. It was very family friendly, even had pool games and craft times. It was great food, right on the water and convenient to everything. The water was a beautiful color and it wasn't crowded or busy at all! 

Our view from hotel when we got there. 

Frank and Lola love Pensecola. :) we heard a lot of jimmy Buffet music there. These two loved the sand! 
David Franklin likes to boogie board and got really good at it! 
I love when my babies nap on me at the beach and now all of them have fallen asleep in my arms on the water. It was wonderful, and so peaceful. 

We went to dinner at a great place called Flounders. A highlight for sure. Good food, fast service and an outdoor playground for the win!

His first time in the gulf. He seemed to like it. 


Child's pose has earned it's name honestly... a little unintentional yoga on the beach.

Dad wanted in on the action too

Cheeseburger in paradise! A pic DF asked me to "send to Jimmy Buffet"

Nora and I got to take a little walk together on the beach one morning. I love walking on the beach with my mom and so it was a special time for me to share with Nora. She picked up seashells a lot and explored the shore. 
Flamingo swimsuit model 

Getting sleepy at the pool

The Westermans came to play on Friday afternoon. It was so much fun to play with friends at the beach. Patrick and I went to Gulf Shores together when we were around their ages so we couldn't believe we were there together again as the parents!

Last night on the beach. Poor DF was over picture taking and was ready to be in his tank top, Isaac got called a girl two times because of his outfit and Nora was happy because she got to wear lip gloss! Reality. 

A poor attempt at a family pic... me with the wind blown look.
Nora's curls got crazy tight and people were calling her Shirley, which of course she didn't understand or appreciate. 
There was the Landshark Landing restaurant next door to us which was part of our hotel with hammocks, play areas, and more. It was fun to go there and they had a sign "no shirt, no shoes, no problem" and since DF is a reader now, he read it and loved it.  He had me ask the waitress if it was true and it was so he loved that and ripped his shirt right off! 
A shirtless boy! ;)
Climbing totum poles
Key lime pie was a hit as always 

One of Franklin and DF's favorite things was crab hunting and they caught 22 one night! DF was a savage and wasn't using a net but was only using his hands. He got pinched but seemed to love that part too.
And then, the stars aligned and all 3 fell asleep on the way home.  It was so glorious and rare, I am tempted to frame this picture. And I they are more comfortable than it appears;  DF did spread out all over his baby brother, but Ikey didn't seem to mind.. as usual.

Vacation isn't really a vacation with little ones, but that is ok.  Things, expectations, and priorities have changed for us which is a good thing.  What it is for us now is great uninterrupted time together making memories and having fun!  Mission accomplished, and I would start the all week over tomorrow if I could.  

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