Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kindergarten awards

David Franklin kinda racked up at awards day....ok he totally did and was the most decorated in the class!

With class buddies, Becca Patton and Ryan Latham

Giving her one last hug! They have a tight bond now, and this one made me cry.
Medals, ribbons, trophys, certificates....we could hardly keep up but he got all A's all year, perfect conduct award, the top Math and Literacy student, Acclerated Reader.  I mean!!
Ms. Roberson came over after school with a very special delivery. It's this River rock that was hand carved. It has a sea turtle on it. She said "it really just means something to him and I". She said that they both love animals, and science and especially turtles and she hopes he will always remember her and their year together. It's says Bass on the front and we thought outside by our front door was the perfect place for it. To say this is special is an understatement. David Franklin thinks it's the coolest thing and was running out to her car for more hugs. It is a keepsake to our family now and will always make us think of this phenomenal Kindergarten year.

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