Saturday, June 20, 2015

Family Vacation part 1

We went to the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama for the first part of the week with the Vaughts. We really missed Meme and Grandpa but we're happy to be with the Vaughts and the cousins had the best time playing together! We are so thankful for this time together and always enjoy the Grand! 

This was a typical scene on our travel days, one asleep, DF watching a movie, and Isaac just happy with his brothers feet for toys and entertainment. :)
Our first night swim at the Grand with the cousins. They also brought out a blow up movie screen and watched monsters inc by the pool. Fun first night!
Baby's first time to play croquet. 
They loved checking out bikes and riding them in the mornings. 
We had a fun dinner at the marina one night.
Now this is a swimsuit! Keeps that fresh baby skin beautiful. 
Robbie liked playing in the splash pad too. 
Dark, but this is a triple decker right here. LB, Hallie and DF on top. Robbie and Nora were also hanging on the side. 
I rode the bike with the baby carrier behind it with Isaac. He loved it and Nora soon ditched her bike to ride in it with him. Good thing it was a double. 

They loved digging and playing in the sand at the bay.
Robbie, Nora, and David Franklin went to Fun Camp one night and loved it. When we picked them up they were making really cool tie dye shirts and weren't ready to see us yet.
Nora followed the baby ducks
While the boys liked swimming in it and trying to catch minnows. 
Causal prom night, just kidding. We got a rare couple picture taken by David Franklin. 
What is a trip for us without having a sick kiddo? I would really like to know one day. Even our weekend to Fayetteville was marked with strep throat. Isaac started running fever on Sunday night at dinner and still had a temp on Monday morning. Franklin took him to walk in clinic and he was negative for strep but they wrote him a script anyway because his throat was red and he wasn't drinking or eating much... Playing it safe since we are on vacation. Well, Monday night was terrible. He screamed and cried and we saw every hour. Franklin even took him for a stroll at 3:00am to try to settle him down. Tuesday afternoon I noticed his feet were covered in red bumps, the pic above it from Tuesday and they only got worse. I looked in his mouth and saw a few blisters on his tongue and knew that it wasn't strep at all. He had Hand, Foot, and mouth disease. A virus that my others had and is very painful and you just have to let it ride. His feet seemed to be the worst, his hands didn't get much at all, and his mouth was pretty mild considering.  He was a real trooper! He hasn't drank much and hasn't been himself but he hasn't really cried or fussed much after 2 bad nights, seemed to enjoy the water and loved the sand! He is such a sweetheart.

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