Thursday, June 11, 2015

16 months

This sweet boy is 16 months old. He's not drinking bottles any more either which makes me sad.  Bottles have seen their last days at the Bass house.  They have already been packed up and given away. He's the baby of the family so instead of the first day of 15 month to take it away like I did the others,  I let him wait until the very end of the month. :) He gave it up for his soft sippy cup no problem, but still prefers his milk warm though. 
He's sweet and friendly and has a great disposition. He's busy, busy too. Only says a few words but screeches and points and you know exactly what he wants. He can communicate, that's for sure but we are trying to say the word that he is trying to more or please. But he looks at us very annoyed when we repeat these to him like, come on guys you know what I want.  We love you, Ikey baby. 

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