Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tiny Dancer

Our tiny dancer had her first recital today and she had a blast! She loved the make up, costume, flowers, attention, stage, and especially the dancing!!! It was a great show and Nora did a tap number to the song Lollipop. Dance City does a great job with the recital. Nora loved watching all of the performances and wanted to go to the second show! She's hooked it seems.

With her teacher, Mrs. Patty
Charlee Gordon, Blakley Hurst, and Nora 
Mammers was asked to be the stage mom and help them line up, etc. She was a trooper to take that on, thanks Mammers! Nora loved you back there. 
She knew her moves and was working it!
Nora and Miley Delgado
One proud Daddy!!
Nora was mad she was missing a dance and wanted to get back in there ASAP. 
Meme and Grandpa loved watching Nora! 

 Nora wanted a picture with Lucy and her flowers :)
 She did so great!!  I love this little dancing queen!

Nora asked the Ballards and Wilsons to come and they did! So sweet! 
They loved the snack bar :)
Nora and Anna Claire Pierce

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