Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Theatre

Nora had her first dinner theatre experience last night. Mammers and I took her to see the Cinderella ballet. Our friend Mrs. Ann played the wicked step mother and our other friend, Adalie Hall was a dancer. Nora loved it, but it was 2 hours long and tested her patience. (Ours too!)

Adalie's sister and one of Nora's favorite friends, Aubrey Kate, was there and these two girls met up at every intermission, before and after to giggle and play and enjoy a chocolate chip cookie or two. 
Our tired girl seeing Mrs. Ann after the show. 
And Adalie too! They were big fans of hers in the audience. 
Lastly, Nora got to meet Cinderella. She was from Maryland and a phenomenal dancer. When she was up on point, Nora would stand on her tippy toes as well. Nora also wore sparkly gold ballet flats and when Cinderella held up her slipper, Nora took her shoe off and held hers in the air as well. :)

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