Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family lake day

We've been so busy lately that we decided to take it easy today, get some things done around the house, and be together as a family as much as possible. We also decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we are having and went to the lake around mid morning. 

It was so much fun, and definitely our happy place. The kids could've stayed all day long but the little ones got sleepy and we were running out of snacks. The sure fire way to end a party with my crew. 

Isaac loved being out and didn't seem to mind his life jacket to much this year. 
Capital ikey
He only has a few more days with his bottle so I had to document him enjoying this one today. :)

They were ready to hit the water, even though it's still very chilly!
DF wanted fast so little sister bailed off but they loved watching him from the back of the boat. 
Said it wasn't too cold at all....sure. 
Lucy joined us of course
And then Isaac stood at the back of the boat moaning and trying to climb over....he wanted on that tube! Franklin said well ok... And this really happened. I pulled all of them for a very short and SLOW ride. I was pretty nervous the whole time but franklin said he loved it and was still and quiet.  

The little daredevil was tuckered out after his big adventure.

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