Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tiny Dancer

Our tiny dancer had her first recital today and she had a blast! She loved the make up, costume, flowers, attention, stage, and especially the dancing!!! It was a great show and Nora did a tap number to the song Lollipop. Dance City does a great job with the recital. Nora loved watching all of the performances and wanted to go to the second show! She's hooked it seems.

With her teacher, Mrs. Patty
Charlee Gordon, Blakley Hurst, and Nora 
Mammers was asked to be the stage mom and help them line up, etc. She was a trooper to take that on, thanks Mammers! Nora loved you back there. 
She knew her moves and was working it!
Nora and Miley Delgado
One proud Daddy!!
Nora was mad she was missing a dance and wanted to get back in there ASAP. 
Meme and Grandpa loved watching Nora! 

 Nora wanted a picture with Lucy and her flowers :)
 She did so great!!  I love this little dancing queen!

Nora asked the Ballards and Wilsons to come and they did! So sweet! 
They loved the snack bar :)
Nora and Anna Claire Pierce

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nora's end of year Chapel

Nora had her final chapel for the year and got a certificate that she is very pleased with.  She called and invited her Mammers, Meme and Grandpa to attend this morning and they all made it work. She's a lucky girl, and a smart one too.  She enjoys going to school and has learned a lot this year.  Letter sounds, lots of writing practice and she can spell her entire name.

She was a big girl shaking hands with Father C.B.
Nora's teacher, Mrs. Hoffpaiur

Best Day Ever

..To play in the mud and make mud pies at your brother's baseball game! Some parents were horrified, others clapped and laughed. Some took pictures of him themselves, but I didn't care what anyone thought (for once ;) and let him go for it. No holding back, and he had the best time and was beyond filthy. 
Let the boys be boys! Everything is washable. I choose happiness and joy over stress and cleanliness any day of the week! 

Love this big boy and his adventures and he also got, pretty great legs and thighs if you ask me! 

Those are socks, his shoes came off midway through. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day fun

This weekend was full of fun things.  We went to visit my friend Anna and Drew and the kids played on the boat and fished off the dock.  We went to Meme and Grandpa's for swimming and fun with the Vaughts and we finished the weekend at the Hall's new farm house for swimming in their pool and a cookout with friends.  We are so blessed and thankful for this life and the wonderful people in it.

So, Anna and I have multiplied.... 5 kids in 6 years between us!
Isaac took a sink bath in Mrs. Kim's new kitchen sink on Memorial day and had a ball.

And then he fell asleep and took a sweet snooze in her down comforter.

Birthday Burger!
Isaac and Georgia Green

Isaac and Nora held hands on the way home in the car.

Nora is 4!

Nora woke up with the now traditional hanging balloons in the hallway and birthday pancakes. This birthday she's been counting down to for a long time and and was thrilled it was actually May 23rd!

She got Cinderella slippers from pops and lelly and Jack that she put on immediately!
She had her party at Mid America Science Museum. It has been through recent multimillion dollar renovations and was a great party place! She wanted a baby doll on her cake, and wanted to bring Lucy in their new matching outfits from Meme and Grandpa.

This girl does not mind attention or singing to her. 
Eating cake with her friend, blakely. 
Mammers, Hallie and Robbie and Meme and Grandpa came to celebrate too! 
She got some great gifts! 
The cow from a purple cow came by and brought purple ice cream which was a fun surprise. 
He was a happy guy at the party. He ate lots of popcorn and loved it. 
Nora was happy to see her sweet friend, Aubrey Kate. 
She was a bit worn out from all the fun afterwards! It's hard work to be a big 4 year old.

Nora Ligon, May 23rd is one of the happiest, most important days in Bass family history. You are cherished and adored. A dream come true.  We love you baby girl, wait I mean big girl!