Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kindergarten Field Trip

Lakeside Kindergarten went to the zoo on Friday and it was a great day with DF and his class! He was more excited that I expected about this Field trip.  I mostly saw the back of his head because he was running everywhere and I was chasing behind him to keep up. 
He lost his bottom tooth at lunch that day, it was hanging by a thread and u was afraid he was going to swallow it and so I tugged gently and out it came! He was so excited to show his friends. I kept it safe and brought it home and that afternoon he asked for it to show Nora. I gave it to him and not 2 minutes later, he had really LOST the tooth. We searched high and low and he was very disappointed but we decided to write the tooth fairy a note and it was a good as the tooth itself! 
This was the group we walked around with from his class. There were other moms to help chaperone and we had a great time. 

You can drive a truck through that hole since it's right underneath the top one he lost. 

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