Monday, April 20, 2015

Ikey's turn

Not to be left behind, Isaac had a baby play date at the HSCC on Sunday afternoon. It was our turn to host so I brought snacks and left over decorations up there and it was a breeze.
He loves being outside,  cries when you bring him in, so he had a ball. He also loves snacks and action and there was plenty of both.  Great weekend, and fun that each kiddo got their own special time.

Nora hosted book club

And it was a Teddy Bear Picnic. The girls brought their teddy bears with them and we had a picnic in the back yard. I went all out for this one but there are only 8 girls and details are appreciated with this group. Not to mention, Nora had just as much fun preparing for it, decorating cupcakes, etc as she did the actual party.   It was such a fun memory for me with my girl. I could BEARly stand it!

Their picnic boxes had, gummy bears, teddy graham and honeycomb mix, strawBearys and bear shaped PB&J sandwiches. 

We decorated these at Mammers house and DF loved helping too. 

Daddy's old teddy "long legs bear" greeted everyone in the front.
I made teddy ears for each girl
They could make a tutu for their bear
Coloring page about their bear

They loved coloring and the crafts
Story time, I also played the old teddy bear picnic song that went along with the book. They thought that was fun
Bear scavenger hunt

Cute group of girls. Nora is the youngest and the oldest is in 1st grade. 
Sack races!
Afterwards, we were cleaning up (in an outfit change) and I got this picture. These oversized balloons were a hit- but hard to transport!  xxc

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kindergarten Field Trip

Lakeside Kindergarten went to the zoo on Friday and it was a great day with DF and his class! He was more excited that I expected about this Field trip.  I mostly saw the back of his head because he was running everywhere and I was chasing behind him to keep up. 
He lost his bottom tooth at lunch that day, it was hanging by a thread and u was afraid he was going to swallow it and so I tugged gently and out it came! He was so excited to show his friends. I kept it safe and brought it home and that afternoon he asked for it to show Nora. I gave it to him and not 2 minutes later, he had really LOST the tooth. We searched high and low and he was very disappointed but we decided to write the tooth fairy a note and it was a good as the tooth itself! 
This was the group we walked around with from his class. There were other moms to help chaperone and we had a great time. 

You can drive a truck through that hole since it's right underneath the top one he lost. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a great Easter weekend. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it wasn't over scheduled or feel  chaotic. Just fun times together! Saturday we went to the Hot Springs Country Club to dye eggs and have a hunt. The Easter Bunny was there too! 

Meme came over after and had fun surprises like this bunny Paci for isaac. "What's up doc?"

My sweeties! Nora picked out those yellow shoes and is having her first love affair with a pair of shoes. She wants to wear them everyday.
Only Family pic at Mammers on the way to church. 
We went to HSCC for a lovely brunch. It was a very calm brunch and we could feel the children are really growing up!  Here are 3 Generations in matching bow ties. It was DF's precious idea.

Mammers got a taco piƱata this year...? Hahaha! 

The grannies :)
And we always finish Easter with smashing the boiled eggs with golf clubs like we used to do at my Mam and Pap-paw's every year.