Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring break at Big Cedar Lodge

Two worn out kids with their thumbs in their mouths on the last night. 

They both love the sand and playing on the "beach" 

Ikey liked being in on the action of baggo

Family Bonfire/ s'mores  night

This boy wanted to explore and run wild! 

They loved looking for big fish

Our Big Bass loved the putt putt golf!

Paddle boating was an adventure :)

Nora really got into pretending to ride the buffalo 😊

For our outdoorsman eldest, this trip to Dogwood Canyon to see wildlife was a highlight! Elk, bison, white tail deer and a Texas Longhorn (his favorite). 

Ikey was freezing- we all were! Bundled under lots of blankets but we didn't have gloves and our hands were ice!

What's a trip for the Basses without an extra "tour" to the walk in clinic. Isaac had(s) a sinus infection and sore throat. Could have been due to the all of the things we drug him to in the cold! Poor thing is a trooper being the baby of the family! 

Visiting the Lost Cave on a golf cart tour. Very neat!

Visited Ozark natural history museum. The picture doesn't show it but all of the kids really enjoyed this and love museums! 

Delicious lunch at Top of the Rock. DF was excited to get his new favorite treat, Root Beer. 

Nora asked her daddy for a pony and a unicorn after this pony ride! Puppy dog eyes on a horse might really work.

This is Chester, a very calm horse the kids loved. 

Beautiful views all around

Swimming in the heated pool~ always a hit for my crew! 

We had a wonderful long weekend in Missouri at Big Cedar Lodge. I can't help but think of my Grands Ellen being in her home state. She would have loved the fun these kids had in MO. They said it was the best trip ever, and we made some wonderful memories together. We did almost everything they had to offer and were busy but it wasn't too much or exhausting! In fact, we'd originally thought we would go to Silver Dollar City one day but the weather turned very cold and there was so much to do and enjoy at Big Cedar, we decided to stay there. It was best for Isaac too. 
Everyone's favorites as they told us on the way home yesterday in the car;
Franklin, swimming with the kids the first day
David Franklin, dogwood canyon and getting his new pocket knife there (that he only gets to use with his daddy's supervision) 
Nora, riding the pony
Isaac- he didn't say but I think he liked running wild through the museum ;)
Amanda, corny but being with my family and enjoying each other without the routine and responsibilities of home. 


We went to see Cinderella with our little princess. It was SO good. I thought nora may like it but it isn't animated and her attention span is ....what was I saying? Oh yeah, SHORT but she loved it and I was surprised by how much I did too! She didn't sit still that's for sure but she didn't want to miss any of it to go to the bathroom and that was a first. During the big ball scene, she was literally dancing down the center aisle all by herself. Meme said she will always remember seeing Cinderella with Nora and I think Nora might always remember it too. She wore her favorite princess gown and her blue slippers to the movie. The message was great and one I've thought about again this week. Be Brave. Be Kind. Kindness has power. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

First family 5K was the I ❤️ LK!

We participated in the I ❤️ LK 5k race this Saturday. It was DF's first race to enter and only my second. I pushed the little ones in the double stroller and franklin and David Franklin ran/walked it together.
We were honored to be a part of the beautiful event in memory of Lila Kate McCalister. It was world Down syndrome day, and the proceeds went to Down syndrome research. 

Lila Kate was in Nora's Sunday school class and a PRECIOUS girl. She hugged so tightly and was incredibly friendly and loving to everyone she met. I loved those tight hugs. The phrase on the tshirts says; love like Lila and its a message I hope to remember and live out. If we all loved like Lila did the world would be an entirely different place. 

Happy pre race

Barely making it in the end and happy to see that finish line! :) 

Baby love

This boy is happy happy after his tubes and loves to walk around these days repeating "huh? Huh?" All day. He's learning lots, exploring constantly and cutting 3 new teeth. He's a sweet, snuggly, healthy boy and we adore him!
He's dreamy!! 

Book club at the Children's Theatre

Nora's book club went to see The Cat in the Hat at the Children's Theater in a Little Rock. It was a cute performance and the girls hat a ball.
The girls were very confused at first and said "the cat's a lady?!"

Hip hip hooray

We've been out of pocket lately because we've been nursing Mammers after her hip replacement surgery. It was a big surgery!!! She's done marvelous and only 2 more weeks with the walker and no driving. We are thankful she's healing and can't wait to have her good as new again. Nora has taken her nursing role very seriously.

Here is Mammers when I busted her out to get some fresh air while I did school pick ups. It was good for us all.