Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Days galore

Df was thrilled with the size of this snowball he made to start a snowball fight! It was impressive. 

California Dude Snowman 
Snow Day Selfie with mom
Cutest snow monkey! His first time to see snow fall out of the sky.
And inside to get warm and bake brownies. In costumes, of course!

Ikey's first time down on the sled!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow (really Ice) Days

Tiny snow man- Mrs. Smileypants is what they named him

Another set of tubes for another Bass baby

Isaac got a set of tubes this morning. He did great and we are so thankful that the weather stayed clear and he was healthy and ready to get it done. Hoping this provides a lot of relief from those pesky ear infections.
Lakeside and St. Lukes are both cancelled today because snow is expected. Not the recovery day I had planned, but we have good friends who have taken the bigs to chick fil a for a play date this morning so I can be Isaac's nurse and rock that boy. And so they can play with friends and have some fun while Ikey naps. 
The real nurses at the hospital mentioned how good natured he was and how most babies are really fussy and crying. He barely did. He's a star! 
So thankful for answered prayers today! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day School parties

Nora had her Valentines party at school and the hit was a whoopee cushion Valentine from her buddy, Weston. The kids laughed and laughed. Nora said, I love my tooting balloon.

Df had his party yesterday and these kids had a great time with games and snacks and lots of valentines. So much fun to open them all up from your friends! 

Isaac is the big ONE!

His Meme made his gluten free cake for him!

Our baby turned 1 this week and this year has truly been the fastest and gone by in the blink of an eye! 

We had a little family party at Mammers house to celebrate Mr. One-derful. 

I don't have his percentages and stats yet because when we went for his 1 year old appointment we found 2 ear infections. 5 since November alone do we are off to the ENT next week, for tubes referral. 

I can tell you about what he's up to though;
Stats: 30 1/4 inches long
25 lbs.
Head cir. 18 3/4 
Size 5 diaper, takes 2 naps a day and is a good sleeper at night (when his ears don't bother him). Loves bananas, beans, black eyed peas, rice cakes, all meat, and does not really care for baby food only because he likes to feed himself and does not like to be spoon fed. He is also on a gluten free diet, the doctor does not think it's an allergy at this point but there seems to be an intolerance so just avoiding it these days. 
He started really walking about 3 weeks ago at 11 months, and still prefers to crawl but doing both more equally. He loves his brother and sister and wants to be where they are a doing what they are doing at all times. He loves them, and they adore him. He likes action and activity. He's likes being held by almost anyone but he certainly has his favorites. He is very smiley and if you smile at him, he will almost always flash one back. He is super snuggly. All of my children are and are affectionate, but he hugs and lays his little head on your shoulder at various times when you're holding him. It's the sweetest thing! 
He gets called Isaac primarily, but Ikey and Ike a lot. He responds to it all happily. He says dada, mama, bubu, uh oh, un-ah, but mostly babbles. 

Isaac Watson Bass,
As I remember the day of your birth a year ago I'm flooded with such happy memories and watching you grow this year has been so much fun for me. I knew I would love you and you would be the perfect addition to our family but I didn't know it would be this perfect. I didn't know how good natured you'd be, calm, easy going and fun loving you'd be.  You are such a joy to be around!! I pray many prayers over your life each night as I put you to bed, and many more short prayers for you throughout the day. Mostly they are prayers of thanksgiving for you, but also prayers of protection and guidance for you're steps. For love, health and happiness and for living out exactly who you are made to be, uniquely you. I also pray for me though, for guidance in my motherhood. I want to be the best I can be. Isaac, I love getting to be your momma, it's a dream come true for me.  Your father and I love you very, very much, sweet angel boy! 
Love, Mom