Friday, January 23, 2015

Johnson Family Christmas 2014

We had the Johnson Christmas in Fayetteville this year.  We had to open presents as quickly as possible, obviously.  We had a lot of fun making Christmas cookies and singing carols (my favorite memory), and we went to the square to see the Christmas lights which I love to see in the winter.  I always love the square, so many fun memories there,  but especially when it's all lit up for the holidays! 

Sprinkles and Icing and Christmas carol that will get you in the spirit!

                              We had pizza before... and we left our mark there with a huge mess!
Pony and camel rides!

It was also special because that Sunday was the DRJII Kid's Tennis Day, and the Razorback Tennis team teaches underprivileged kids tennis.  For many of which, it's their first experience with the sport. David Franklin was old enough to participate this year.  He thought it was very cool, and it was. 

A Razorback tennis player, also named David.

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