Friday, January 16, 2015

DF's first poetry reading

Ms. Roberson has been discussing Famous Arkansans each day this week in her class.  Her list includes, Dizzy Dean the baseball player, Bill Clinton, and a few others.  On Monday, she discussed Maya Angelou, a poet.  She said when she was sharing about her, it made her think about one her her favorite poets who is also a famous Arkansan, Jason Morphew.  She told me that she was going to play one of his songs for her class today…Amanda Christine. (yes, I blushed).

I thought it would be special for DF to bring a poem to class to accompany the song, but Jason wrote a very special poem using the class’ sight words for the occasion for David Franklin to read aloud. Although he says he's an unfamous Arkansan.  Isaac and I went to school for the reading. DF and I were both very proud, David Franklin seemed especially so in front of his peers.

At times it freaks me out being back in the halls at Lakeside school, and I did not expect to raise my children within the same halls. Sometimes it seems too small and too familiar, although I like both of those. But today and in occasions like this, I am thankful for the history, connections and friendships that are in this small town. I am grateful for the experiences it provides for David Franklin (and Amanda Christine).

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