Friday, January 30, 2015

Baby boy is SICK

Ikey is the first one to bring the flu to us at Deanwood Terrace, yet he's still trying to smile. He is a pitiful little guy but we are hopeful he will get better sooner since we caught it quickly.
I had a weekend trip to Chicago planned to visit my Johnson cousins but, I need be home and rock my baby instead!! Sick babies hurt my heart.

This girl...

She had a chick fil a play date with her friends today and loved every second.

She loves her baby Lucy and has become quite the mommy. Lucy goes everywhere with her these days and when they can wear matching clothes- the better! I am so thankful for her.

Isaac's 1 year pictures

Friday, January 23, 2015

Johnson Family Christmas 2014

We had the Johnson Christmas in Fayetteville this year.  We had to open presents as quickly as possible, obviously.  We had a lot of fun making Christmas cookies and singing carols (my favorite memory), and we went to the square to see the Christmas lights which I love to see in the winter.  I always love the square, so many fun memories there,  but especially when it's all lit up for the holidays! 

Sprinkles and Icing and Christmas carol that will get you in the spirit!

                              We had pizza before... and we left our mark there with a huge mess!
Pony and camel rides!

It was also special because that Sunday was the DRJII Kid's Tennis Day, and the Razorback Tennis team teaches underprivileged kids tennis.  For many of which, it's their first experience with the sport. David Franklin was old enough to participate this year.  He thought it was very cool, and it was. 

A Razorback tennis player, also named David.

Friday, January 16, 2015

DF's first poetry reading

Ms. Roberson has been discussing Famous Arkansans each day this week in her class.  Her list includes, Dizzy Dean the baseball player, Bill Clinton, and a few others.  On Monday, she discussed Maya Angelou, a poet.  She said when she was sharing about her, it made her think about one her her favorite poets who is also a famous Arkansan, Jason Morphew.  She told me that she was going to play one of his songs for her class today…Amanda Christine. (yes, I blushed).

I thought it would be special for DF to bring a poem to class to accompany the song, but Jason wrote a very special poem using the class’ sight words for the occasion for David Franklin to read aloud. Although he says he's an unfamous Arkansan.  Isaac and I went to school for the reading. DF and I were both very proud, David Franklin seemed especially so in front of his peers.

At times it freaks me out being back in the halls at Lakeside school, and I did not expect to raise my children within the same halls. Sometimes it seems too small and too familiar, although I like both of those. But today and in occasions like this, I am thankful for the history, connections and friendships that are in this small town. I am grateful for the experiences it provides for David Franklin (and Amanda Christine).

Just Because

This week has been a hard week. Lila Kate McCallister who was 4 years old passed away. She was precious and so special, and she gave the best hugs! She had many health complications since birth. She was in Nora's Sunday school class and she's been talking a lot about it and asking lots of questions. Our whole community has felt this loss and been sad for the family. 

I saw this and loved it, especially since my kids like Winnie the Pooh.  This is how I feel about you, my family. My love will always be there for you!!! Always and always. 


Noras book club was learning about different cultures and we took at trip around the world(house) to try different foods, make different crafts and hear different music. They even made passports!  Mady Rodinghouse is Miss Teen Hot Springs and this is her platform. And read a really cute book and nora had a great time.

Marvel Superheroes Live Show

I had a mother/son date with David Franklin last weekend. We wentwith Kim and James, and Marci and Ashton and Weston. We had a great time and at one point, David F said to me, " this is the best thing you've ever taken me to, thank you." I was butter after that!


My buddy, my buddy. Wherever I go, he goes. Like the doll from the 80s, I can still hear the my buddy song in my head from the commercial. Isaac is my buddy! My Big 11 month old boy! It's like he's hit a major growth spurt, but all of a sudden he looks older!

Handsome baby boy!

He's started splashing around in the shower and playing on the floor and loves it.
Some of these very cold days we've had, he's stayed in his fotted fleece pjs all day!
Always chewing on anything he can find and being loved on by his big sister and brother.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter break trip with the "bigs"

We took a quick little getaway trip with David F. and Nora before school started back. We went to Dallas and really packed in the fun for only being gone one night. Isaac stayed home with Mammers and although we missed him a lot, it was best for everyone. Especially since he developed a pretty nasty cold and started running a fever.

We woke the kids up bright and early and  surprised them that we were heading out on a trip! They were so excited! We met our friends, Mitch and Aleicia and their little boy for lunch on Saturday. Went to the Aquarium and then to the Gaylord Texan to go see the ICE exhibit. It was a Frosty the Snowman theme and incredible. The kids loved it. They have you their coats to wesr because it was only 3 degrees inside. The whole thing was made exclusively out of ice and by the end, we were freezing and ready for hot chocolate! 
Then we headed across the street to the Great Wolf Lodge for some indoor water park fun. It was a blast and Franklin and I loved the big slides and going down them with DF! 

Then we stopped by to see Rachael's new baby, had lunch with Franklin's aunt, Charlene and Bob and their granddaughter, Lucy Kate. It was fun for DF and Nora to get to play with her. Franklin did a great job driving and even got us home before dinner. It was really nice to get some play time with DF and nora and give them some major individual attention. We all came home refreshed and ready for school to start tomorrow.
Nora and Mitch 

Fun ice slides! 

They had a wolf den in the room that they loved with their own tv and bunk beds.

In the lobby for story time before bed and it snowed inside on us! 

Cheese face nora with Rachael and baby Jack. I loved getting his new baby snuggles. 
Great car trip home with 2 sleeping kids that played their hearts out.